Don’t Miss Out on the Ternana vs Frosinone Showdown: Vital Game Info Inside!

On the 14th of September 2021, the Serie B Italian football league witnessed a match between two teams, Ternana and Frosinone. The match was full of excitement and anxiety as both teams were determined to win. In this post, we provide a detailed outline of the game, including the lineup of the teams, statistics, and other relevant information.

Game Info
Venue: Libero Liberati
Date & Time: 12:30 AM 20 May 2023
Location: Terni, Italy

What is Ternana?

Ternana is an Italian football club based in Terni, Umbria. The club was founded in the year 1925 and currently plays in the Serie B league.2. What is Frosinone?

Frosinone, on the other hand, is an Italian football club based in Frosinone, Lazio. The club was founded in 1912 and also plays in Serie B.


For Ternana, the starting lineup included goalkeeper Nobile, defenders Kontek and Gasparetto, midfielders Palumbo and Furlan, and forwards Defendi and Gliozzi.

Frosinone’s starting lineup featured goalkeeper Bardi, defenders Brighenti and Capuano, midfielders Rohdén and Maiello, and forwards Ciano and Novakovich.

This match between Ternana and Frosinone ended in a 1-1 draw with both teams putting up strong performances. Ciano scored for Frosinone while Gliozzi equalized for Ternana. We hope this information helps you catch up on the game if you missed it!

What is Frosinone?

Frosinone is also an Italian football club based in Frosinone, Lazio. The club was founded in the year 1912 and also plays in the Serie B league.

What was the lineup for Ternana and Frosinone?

The lineup for Ternana was as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Marco Bleve
  • Defenders: Nicola Sgarbi, Mirko Antonucci, Daniele Meccariello, Davide Frattesi
  • Midfielders: Daniele Vantaggiato, Matteo Scozzarella, Fabrizio Paghera
  • Forwards: Matteo Ciofani, Federico Proia, Luca Paganini

The lineup for Frosinone was as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Francesco Bardi
  • Defenders: Edoardo Goldaniga, Alessandro Salvi, Lorenzo Ariaudo, Andrea Beghetto
  • Midfielders: Grigoris Kastanos, Raffaele Maiello, Luca Paganini
  • Forwards: Samuele Longo, Pietro Iemmello, Federico Dionisi

What was the final score of the match?

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, with both teams scoring a goal each.

What were the statistics of the match?

Ternana had a total of 13 shots, out of which 4 were on target. Frosinone had a total of 11 shots, out of which 5 were on target. Ternana had 53% possession, while Frosinone had 47% possession. There were a total of 19 fouls committed, with 10 fouls committed by Ternana and 9 fouls committed by Frosinone.


In conclusion, the Ternana vs Frosinone match was a thrilling encounter, with both teams putting in their best efforts to win. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, and both teams can take some positives from the game. The lineup for both teams was strong, and the statistics show that both teams had their moments in the game. Overall, it was an exciting match for football fans to watch.

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