Joseph Parker vs Faiga Opelu: The Full Fight Highlights You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Joseph Parker and Faiga Opelu recently fought in an international fight championship boxing match. The fight was full of thrilling moments and intense action. In this post, we will provide a detailed analysis of the fight highlights and discuss the key moments that made this fight memorable.

Who are Joseph Parker and Faiga Opelu?

Joseph Parker is a professional boxer from New Zealand who has held multiple heavyweight titles. Faiga Opelu is a Samoan boxer who is known for his powerful punches and impressive record in the ring.

What was at stake in this fight?

This fight was a championship boxing match, which means that both fighters were competing for a title. The winner of this match would become the champion of their respective division.

How did the fight play out?

The fight was full of intense action from the very beginning. Both fighters started out strong, exchanging powerful blows and trying to gain the upper hand. As the fight progressed, Parker started to take control, landing several impressive punches and wearing down his opponent. Despite this, Opelu refused to back down and continued to fight back with everything he had.

What were the key moments of the fight?

One of the most memorable moments of the fight came in the fourth round, when Parker landed a devastating punch that sent Opelu to the canvas. Despite this setback, Opelu managed to get back on his feet and continue fighting. In the end, however, Parker’s skill and experience proved to be too much for Opelu, and he was declared the winner of the match.

What were the highlights of the fight?

The fight was full of highlights, including several impressive punches from both fighters and some incredible defensive moves. One of the most impressive moments of the fight came in the seventh round, when Parker landed a series of powerful punches that nearly ended the fight.


Overall, the Joseph Parker vs. Faiga Opelu fight was a thrilling international fight championship boxing match that will be remembered for years to come. Both fighters put up an incredible fight, and the match was full of intense moments and impressive highlights. In the end, however, it was Parker who emerged victorious, cementing his place as one of the top boxers in the world.

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