A Look at the Global Reset: Do Current Events Point to the Antichrist and His Worldwide Empire?

Do Current Events Point to the Antichrist and His Worldwide Empire

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The Great Reset has provoked an awakening among the masses, opening their eyes to how world leaders are opportunistically exploiting current events such as pandemics, natural disasters and calamities alike in order to bring about a utopian global economy along with its tyrannical government.

COVID unleashed a veritable hurricane of repercussions that are now manifesting beyond pandemic itself. Governments have leveraged the Coronavirus and vaccine as a coercive instrument; laying the groundwork for future intrusions. These accelerants have propelled us to the precipice of fundamental transformation-one where change at all levels is imminent and irreversible. The winds of evolution are blowing– powerful forces propelling world affairs toward unprecedented transformations at every level.

These realities are startling in their own right; however, there is an even more menacing plan embedded within them. According to biblical prophecies, a one-world government will indeed emerge at the end of days – though it may not beleaguer our current world as much as its creators envision. In Revelation we read an unsettling warning:

1/3 of humankinds population will unite under Satan’s banner and worship him in exchange for worldly prosperity; this tragedy has yet to occur but its clear that something sinister lurks ahead! While Global Reset doesnt provide concrete insight into when this might happen or what exactly transpires then – every reader should keep these facts in mind when embarking upon their journey through life!

  • The Great Reset plan, the precursor to the prophesied Armageddon scenario, is swiftly advancing across our world.
  • China and other prominent global players are impacting international, socio-economic, and geopolitical developments.
  • The decline of America as we know it is a critical issue, and as believers, what can be done to mitigate that trend? This topic has been explored in several avenues including spiritual contemplation and analysis of future events. The possibilities are many – whatever our circumstances may be – there is hope!
  • The ultimate divine plan has been set in motion for planet earth and humanity, the millennial reign of Christ. Gods grand design will ultimately reorder our world and change the course for all humanity!
  • personal reset can comeEvery person’s desire for a transformative, assured personal reorientation is rooted in Christ – an opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else.

Prepare yourself spiritually and arm yourself with knowledge. Locate answers to the queries that should have been on everyone’s minds since current events are ushering in a coming of Christ.

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